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  • Beam Angle 120 degrees
  • Aluminium fins heat sinks – good for heat dissipation
  • It’s used to replace the CFL/MH/HID/HPS
  • Green. energy saving, long and reliable life of 50,000 hours
  • No RF interference, No IR/UV radiation, No mercury pollution
  • Streamline exterior design, beautiful appearance
  • Environment friendly, energy saving [70-80%]
  • Operating Temperature: -40 – 45 degrees C
  • Available in E39 base
Product NameWattageEquivalentLuminious Flux
PZ/YPD-022-A/55K60 w400W M.H.44000 LM
PZ/YPD-023-A/55K80 w600W M.H.60000 LM
PZ/YPD-024-A/55K100 w800W M.H.80000 LM
PZ/YPD-025-A/55K120 w1000W M.H.115000 LM
PZ/YPD-026-A/55K150 w1500W M.H.170000 LM