LEDT8 Series – Double Duty Ballast Compatible


The Double Duty Ballast Compatible LED T8 Lamp is the ideal choice
for old style T12 and T8 Fluorescent Tubes that require frequent changing.
The Double Duty Ballast works with or without an existing ballast and doesn’t require any additional electrical work.




  • Aluminum Housing with Integrated Heat Sink
  • High Lumen Output 110/125 LM/W
  • Rated Life of 50,000 Hours
  • Simple Installation
  • Amazing Energy Saving
  • High Power Factor 0.95
  • 82 CRI
  • Fluorescent Ballast Compatible
  • Internal SMPS that can replace existing Ballast
  • Stable lumen output for different brand with different ballast factors
  • Works with or without the ballast



5 years or 50,000 hours limited warranty against manufacturer defects.
5 years or 50,000 hours limited warranty against manufacturer defects.

LED Lamps for Commercial Applications

⋅ 50,000 hour rated life
⋅ 360 Degree illumination
⋅ 180 Degree vertical illumination
⋅ High Lumens per watt
⋅ Easy Plug & play installation
⋅ Low heat output
⋅ Shatter resistant - No glass or Mercury to worry about
⋅ 120-277V Universal internal power supply
⋅ Available in Medium & Mogul base
⋅ Available in: 27k, 35k, 41k, 50k, 65k

Our LED Lighting Benefits

⋅ Fast ROI
⋅ High CRI
⋅ Significant Energy Savings
⋅ No Ballast required
⋅ Reduces air conditioning cost
⋅ Fit existing power systems
⋅ No recycling cost
⋅ No health risks

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LEDT8 Double Duty Ballast Compatible Specifications

Model: (click on SKU
for printable spec sheet)
PowerLumensLm/wLife SpanInput VoltageCRIBaseCCTEquivalentBeam AnglePower Factor
NC/LED-F32T8-18-BC-4K/5K18 Watts1980/2250110/12550,000 Hours120-277v>82G13 Bi-Pinn4000k, 5000k32wT8, 40wT12120 Degrees>90