LED Decorative Chandelier

LED Deco Chandelier
2 5 replaces 60w


  • New construction or Remodel
  • 80+ CRI models provide superior color
  • No Flickering/ Noise-Free Design
  • 25,000 Hours Rated Average Life
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Uniformed and Consistent Color
  • Excellent Thermo Control
  • High Efficient Driver Inside
  • Highly Uniform Light Beams
  • Wide Beam Design 300 Degree
  • Saving Energy Up to 80%
  • Low Lumen Depreciation
  • Environmentally Friendly (No Mercury/ No Lead)
  • CUL Listed- Compliance to North American
  • Select models UL rated for damp locations
Size/StyleDescriptionColor TempOutput LumenBeam AngleWattageEqui v. WattageCRIDimmable
25W Eqv.NC/LEDB10/2/LED/D/30K3000K200360225W>85YES
40W Eqv.NC/LEDC32/3.5/LED/D/27K2700K4003603.540W>85YES
40W Eqv.NC/LEDC32/3.5/LED/D/30K3000K4003603.540W>85YES
40W Eqv.NC/LEDC32/3.5/LED/D/41K4100K4003603.540W>85YES
40W Eqv.NC/LEDC32/3.5/LED/D/50K5000K4003603.540W>85YES
Torpedo 60W Eqv.NC/LEDC32/5/LED/D/27K2700K600360560W>85YES
Torpedo 60W Eqv.NC/LEDC32/5/LED/D/30K3000K600360560W>85YES
Torpedo 60W Eqv.NC/LEDC32/5/LED/D/41K4100K600360560W>85YES
Torpedo 60W Eqv.NC/LEDC32/5/LED/D/50K5000K600360560W>85YES
Torpedo 40W Eqv.NC/LEDCA32/3.5/LED/D/27K2700K4003603.540W>85YES
Flame 60W Eqv.NC/LEDCA32/5/LED/D/27K2700K600360560W>85YES
Flame 60W Eqv.NC/LEDCA32/5/LED/D/30K3000K600360560W>85YES
Frosted GlassNC/LEDC32/5/LED/D/27K2700K600360560W>85YES
Medium BaseNC/LEDC32/5/LED/D/27K E262700K600360560W>85YES

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FC 4 blue Damp Location