LED 360 Series


Tired of complicated procedures and products as well as the high expense involved in upgrading to energy efficient lighting? Then the EPIC LED360 Series is for you.

The EPIC LED360 Series is perfect for Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, and CFL replacements. It can be used in various locations. Suitable for open/enclosed fixtures and installation is quick and easy.

The 360° illumination mimics all existing technologies making for a pain free replacement.

LED3601 vertical

LED 360 Features

  • CRI >82
  • High Lumen Output of 100lm/w
  • Rated Life Span of 50,000 hours
  • E39 mogul Edison base = installation simplicity
  • 50-80% energy savings vs existing technologies
  • Heavy Duty External Power supply
  • Suitable for 120-277volt operation
  • High Lumen per Watt
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LED 360 Specifications

Warranty: all lamps are guaranteed for 5 years against manufacturing defects.
Part #NCL-CL-120WA2NCL-CL-150WA2NCL-CL-200WA2NCL-CL-250WA2
Power120 Watts150 Watts200 Watts250 Watts
Life Span50,000 Hours50,000 Hours50,000 Hours50,000 Hours
Input Voltage120-277v120-277v120-277v120-277v
BaseE39 mogulE39 mogulE39 mogulE39 mogul
CCT2700k, 5500k2700k, 5500k2700k, 5500k2700k, 5500k
Equivalent500w HID800w HID1000w HID1500w HID
Beam Angle360 Degrees360 Degrees360 Degrees360 Degrees
Power Factor>98>98>98>98
Lamp Dimension4.5" x10.5"5.75" x12.5"5" x 13"5" x 14.5"

LED 360 SKU Details

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NCL-CLW-15WA215W LED Lamp 360ºSelf Ballasted3" Diameter x 6.25"E261500Lm70W HID, 150W Halogen, 60W CFL
NCL-CL-20WA220W LED Lamp 360ºSelf Ballasted2.75" Diameter x 6"E262000Lm100W HID, 200W Halogen, 85W CFL
NCL-CL-30WA230W LED Lamp 360ºSelf Ballasted3.5" Diameter x 6.5"E263000Lm150W HID, 300W Halogen, 100W CFL
NCL-CL-40WA240W LED Lamp 360ºSelf Ballasted3.5" Diameter x 9.42"Available in E26 or E394000Lm240W HID, 150W Halogen, 60W CFL
NCL-CL-60WA260W LED Lamp 360ºSelf Ballasted3.5" Diameter x 10.5"Available in E26 or E396000Lm300W HID, 250W Halogen, 60W CFL
NCL-CL-80WA280W LED Lamp 360ºSelf Ballasted4.5" Diameter x 10"Available in E398000Lm300W HID, 300W CFL
NCL-CL-100WA2100W LED Lamp 360ºSelf Ballasted5.33" Diameter x 11.04"Available in E3910,000Lm400W HID
 NCL-CL-120WA2120W LED Lamp 360ºSelf Ballasted4.5" Diameter x 10.5"Available in E3912,000Lm600W HID
NCL-CL-150WA2150W LED Lamp 360ºSelf Ballasted5.75" Diameter x 12.5"Available in E26 or E3915,000Lm800W HID
NCL-CL-200WA2200W LED Lamp 360ºSelf Ballasted5" Diameter x 13.125"Available in E3920,000Lm1000W HID
NCL-CL-250WA2250W LED Lamp 360ºSelf Ballasted5" Diameter x 14.5"Available in E26 or E3925,000Lm1500W HID
NCL-CL-200WA2/Retro Fit Kit Spec Sheet

NC-LED-ETR480/277-375W/480v Conversion