I am interested in becoming a Newcandescent™ Vendor

Give consumers what they want: a light bulb that emits a warm golden light just like Thomas Edison intended. All of our Newcandescent™ “Rough and Ready” Light Bulbs are proudly made in the USA. Now you too can become part of the solution by fulfilling the need of American consumers. And you can ORDER ONLINE!

  • Newcandescent™ Rough Service Light Bulbs fulfill all Federal Requirements.
  • Newcandescent™ Rough Service Light Bulbs fare cost-effective.
  • Newcandescent™ Rough Service Light Bulbs have an average lifespan of 10,000 hours

With an average use of four hours per day, Newcandescent™ Light Bulbs will burn for roughly seven years!

For more information about Newcandescent™ products, fill out and submit the form below and a Newcandescent™ consultant will contact you. Still a bright idea in the 21st Century!

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