Talk about your publicity stunts. of Southern Hackensack which sells light bulbs-is featuring a performer who eats light bulbs at its company holiday party tonight in Englewood. The appearance by the bulb-crunching Todd Robins is also meant to publicize the company’s Newcandescent product, which is targeted at consumers who are in mourning over federal energy-efficiency standards for so-called “rough “ use (such as in a moving car or truck) but marketed for everyday use. The company which runs the Light Bulb Store in South Hackensack also sells energy-efficiency compact fluorescent and LEDS.

The new light bulb rules stem from a 2007 law, signed by President George Bush, which requires that light bulbs use less energy. Robbins says he has eaten more than 4,000 light bulbs in his life, making him even more impressive than the buffet prodigies who’ll be scarfing down Swedish meatballs at your company party this year. – Kathleen Lynn