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For more than one century, Samuel Birnbaum, his son Bertram and now his grandson Larry Birnbaum, have been selling Thomas Edison’s most famous invention: the incandescent light bulb.

Thomas Edison Seeks Distributors

Thomas Edison, an entrepreneur and America’s greatest inventor, established The Edison Electric Light Company in 1878. (It became The General Electric Company in 1892.) Edison realized that his incandescent light bulb could never light up homes and businesses without committed electrical distributors that believed that his invention would illuminate the world.

Birnbaum Electric Becomes Exclusive Edison Distributor

In 1909, Samuel Birnbaum opened Birnbaum Electric in lower Manhattan, befriended Thomas Edison and became a distributor for the General Electric Company. Like Edison, Sam was a master electrician, business man and inventor. He and Edison had much in common and they remained friends until Edison’s death in 1931.

In 1914, Thomas Edison personally presented Sam Birnbaum with a General Electric Incentive Award for his company’s outstanding performance as a distributor for the GE Company. The award, a hand-crafted and hand-blown replica of Edison’s first incandescent bulb with a high resistance carbon filament, is now a treasured and very valuable family heirloom.

Like Edison, Birnbaum Moves To New Jersey

With business booming, Sam’s son, Bertram, joined the company which moved uptown to a larger building on Broadway and 17th in NYC. Birnbaum Electric became known as Broadway Electric. Bertram’s son Larry joined Broadway Electric and, like Edison (Edison, New Jersey is named after Thomas Edison), he moved to New Jersey to found Epic and the Light Bulb Store in 1980 (a light bulb manufacturer with both wholesale and retail distribution.)

Beginning in 2012 Federal Law has effectively banned the selling of household incandescent light bulbs.

The Newcandescent Inspiration

Larry Birnbaum said that he owes the idea for the Newcandescent light bulb to the many customers of his Light Bulb Store located in South Hackensack, New Jersey. When customers became aware of the Federal Law that would effectively ban incandescent bulbs, they started hording incandescent light bulbs by buying in bulk.

Birnbaum says,“We are all somewhat addicted to the incandescent light bulb and that soft warm glow. It is a very soothing and calming color of light.” He went on to say that, “the inspiration to continue to manufacture the long-lasting (10,000 hours) rough service Newcandescent bulb that satisfies all federal requirements, is simply the result of what customers continue to want.”

The Newcandescent Light Bulb Collection includes clear, frosted, and flood style light bulbs:

  • Newcandescent bulbs legally satisfy the 2012 federal laws
  • Newcandescent bulbs are rated for 10,000 hours
  • Newcandescent bulbs are inexpensive
  • Newcandescent bulbs are proudly made in the USA

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